Last Revised: March 2, 2014


What is Doogtoons?

Doogtoons is a production studio based in Santa Monica, CA founded by Doug “Doog” Bresler. We produce shows, shorts, cartoons, and music videos for the internet, film and television. As of September 2012, our cartoons and shorts have been viewed more than 100 million times on the web, and several million more times on television.

How do you pronounce “Doogtoons”?

Just like it’s spelled! Not Dogtoons, Dougtoons or Dogpoos. Doogtoons!!

Who is Doog?

Doug “Doog” Bresler is the founder and president of Doogtoons, and director of all Doogtoons shorts and music videos. He has been doodling since birth and has making animated cartoons since 2001.

You can add Doog on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


How did Doogtoons start?

One day back in 2001, while enjoying a box of wine, Doog’s college buddies, Nick Lejeune and Haig Ourishian, started spouting humorous nonsense like usual. As an experiment, Doog decided to record their words, animate them and place them into a short film called “Nick and Haig – Episode I”.

The film debuted at the UCSB Digital Film Festival of 2002 at Isla Vista Theater in Santa Barbara, CA. The film received such a great response that Bresler continued to record more nonsense from the duo. Doog created “Nick and Haig – Episode II” in early 2005 with a combination of old and new audio recordings from Nick and Haig.

Doog eventually cut up the films into smaller chunks and created the Doogtoons Podcast in late 2005. You can read all about it in this Playlist Magazine article here.

Who creates your videos?

Doug Bresler produces and directs each video and does much of the artwork, animation, sound and video editing, and is the interviewer in all of the animated interviews. There is also a team of talented artists that contributes to each production.

How do you make your cartoons?

With a lot of love!

Can you give me free tech support?


Who’s face is that in your logo? Is it Doog’s?


Are all your guests real or is someone impersonating them?

If their name is in the title, it is really them.


Would you make me a music video / TV pilot / short film for free?

No. Please read the next question.

Do you guys do commissioned work?

Sure! We have produced content for independent studios and clients such as FOX Sports, Sony/BMG, Simon and Schuster, HBO/Cinemax, and are currently producing content for several other clients.

For our budget and rate information, send us an message with the details of your project via our contact page. Please be prepared with a detailed proposal regarding your project.

I want to hire Doug Bresler… How do I contact him?

You can contact Doog directly by sending an message with the subject “ATTN: Doug Bresler” via our contact page. Please be prepared with a detailed proposal regarding your project.

Would you add your shorts to our video sharing site for free?

There has been such a high demand for our cartoons that we no longer provide content to video sharing sites or other exibitors for promotion-only purposes.

If you would like to license our content for use on television, film, or the internet, please contact us.

Can we play your shorts on our television show for free?

No. Please read the question above for licensing information.


What is “Eli’s Dirty Jokes”?

“Eli Dirty Jokes” is a comedy webseries and television show created by James and Tyler McFadden and animated and directed by Doug Bresler. It features a real-life accountant, Eli, telling his versions of ridiculous adult jokes.

In November 2008, “Eli’s Dirty Jokes” was picked up by HBO/Cinemax and has been airing on Saturday nights before feature film premieres. Cinemax has commissioned 28 “Eli” jokes as of July 2009.

What is the “PreRecorded Friends” show?

“PreRecorded Friends” is a weekly audio comedy podcast that Doog produces and co-hosts with his brother Joe Bresler and buddy Billy Reid. To listen to the show, visit our podcasts page to subscribe through iTunes. Visit the official PRF website at prerecordedfriends.com!


I’m a comedian / entertainer / astronaut! Can you animate me?

We are always looking for interesting, creative, and funny people to interview. If you think you have what it takes to be a cartoon, contact us via our contact page! Make sure to send a link to your resume and your website. Please have video clips of your talent available.

Can I work for Doogtoons?

Sure! We have internship positions open to students who would like to learn about animation production. Feel free to send us a link to your resume and online reel link via our contact page.

I have a general question / comment. How can I reach you?

Please send us a message via our contact page.

I’m a big fan! Can I send you guys a letter?

Of course you can! If it’s nice, we’ll send you a return gift in the mail. Visit our contact page for our address information.