Last Revised: January 5, 2016
  • What is Doogtoons?

Doogtoons is a production studio based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Doug “Doog” Bresler. We produce shows, shorts, cartoons, and music videos for the internet, film and television. As of 2016, our cartoons and shorts have been viewed more than 125 million times on the web, and several million more times on television.

  • How do you pronounce ‘Doogtoons’?

Just like it’s spelled! Not Dogtoons, Dougtoons or Dogpoos. Doogtoons!!

  • Who is Doog?

Doug “Doog” Bresler is the founder and president of Doogtoons, and director of all Doogtoons shorts and music videos. He has been doodling since birth and has making animated cartoons since 2001. You can add Doog on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Who creates your videos?

Doug Bresler produces and directs each video and does much of the artwork, animation, sound and video editing, and is the interviewer in all of the animated interviews. There is also a team of talented artists that contributes to each production.

  • Do you guys do commissioned work?

Of course! Doug Bresler has created content for clients such as NBCUniversal, E! EntertainmentAppleFOX Sports, Sony/BMG, Google/YouTube, Simon and Schuster, HBO/Cinemax, G4TVGame Show Network, Canon, Machinima, Field Day, Defy Media, and is currently producing content for several other clients. For our budget and rate information, send us an message with the details of your project via our contact page. Please be prepared with a detailed proposal regarding your project.

You can contact Doog directly by sending an message with the subject “ATTN: Doug Bresler” via our contact page. Please be prepared with a detailed proposal regarding your project.

  • I’m a comedian / entertainer / astronaut! Can you animate me?

We are always looking for interesting, creative, and funny people to feature on our shows. If you think you have what it takes to be a cartoon, contact us via our contact page! Make sure to send a link to your resume and your website. Please have video clips of your talent available.

  • Can I work for Doogtoons?

We have internship positions open to students who would like to learn about animation production. Feel free to send us a link to your resume and online reel link via our contact page.

  • I have a general question / comment. How can I reach you?

Please send us a message via our contact page.

  • I love your videos! Can I send you guys a fan letter?

Of course you can! If it’s nice, we’ll send you a return gift in the mail. Visit our contact page for our address information.