L.B. Rayne – The Groove Grid

L.B. Rayne – The Groove Grid

Posted on December 30, 2010
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L.B. Rayne is back with the lost pop theme song to 1982’s sci-fi epic, TRON.

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Directed by Doug Bresler
Produced by Hal Lowenstein
Editing and Special FX by Mort Lowenstein

Joe Bresler as L.B. Rayne
Christian Saglie as TRON

Luis Deveze as The Guitarist
Tony Fiala as The Keyboardist
Dina Fiala as The Drummer

Robot Dancers:
Annette Moore
Andrea Crawley
Tony Fiala
Dina Fiala
Deloy Edwards, Jr.
Herman Ming

TRON Costume Design by Kimberly Washington
Choreography by Annette Moore
Makeup by Dina Fiala

Music composed and performed by Doug Bresler
Lyrics by Joe Bresler & Tony Fiala
Vocals performed by Joe Bresler & Christian Saglie
Mixed by Erik Colvin

Special Thanks to James and Tyler McFadden